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Æthelstan (924 - 939)

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North 672
Courtesy Silbury Coins Sale Catalogue.
Æthelstan (924 - 939) Silver Penny.
Circumscription Cross
Moneyer Regnald; York Mint.

Obverse: ✠ÆÐELSTAN REX - TO BRIT; Central small cross pattée.

Reverse: REGNALD MO ✠ EFORǷIC; Small cross pattée in centre. Four pellets around the central cross.

North 672; B.M.C. v.

Note : EFORǷIC specifies York Mint.

North 683
Courtesy CNG Coins Triton XX Lot 1536.
Aethelstan, (924-939) Silver Penny.
Rare Tower type.
Moneyer Frotier; York Mint.

Obverse: ✠AEÐELSTAN REX; Central small cross pattée.

Reverse: FR ‡ OT IERM MON; Tower above a straight line dividing the field; Moneyer's name above and below the line.

North 683; B.M.C. iv.

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